uncle and niece walking in street



An Avuncular DNA Test is a DNA test that determines the biological relationship between an uncle or an aunt with their niece or nephew. Please note, the uncle or aunt must be related to the alleged father when trying to determine paternity.  If you are trying to determine maternity the rules apply.

How much does an Avuncular DNA Test cost?

The price of an Avuncular DNA Test will be predicated on how many people are involved with the DNA Test. In the past, the majority of our Avuncular cases have been performed on an uncle or aunt with one niece or nephew to determine paternity. The starting costs for two people begin at $450.00

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Under what circumstance will I need to use an Uncle/Aunt DNA Test?

As stated earlier, this type of DNA Test occurs when the alleged father is unavailable to partake in a paternity test. If the alleged father has any siblings. The mother of the child or the child themselves can request their uncle or aunt to partake in an Avuncular DNA Test.

We also recommend that the mother partakes in the DNA Test to help raise the accuracy of the result and to avoid the result coming back as inconclusive. In the event, the child is a boy and the alleged father has a brother. It is recommended that you perform what is known as a Y Chromosome DNA Test. Learn more about Y-Chromosome DNA Testing here. The Y chromosome is exclusively found in males and is passed down from father to son untouched.

On the other hand, if you have a daughter you will be relegated to performing only an Avuncular DNA Test.

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