when can you get a dna test

Are you or someone you know in need of performing a Paternity Test? If you answered yes. Here’s everything you need to know about when you can perform a paternity test.

When can you start a paternity test is one the most frequently asked questions about paternity we get asked. A paternity test can be performed as early as several weeks (invasive or non-invasive prenatal paternity) into the pregnancy or up to whatever the adult age is of the child. The timeline for paternity testing is quite extensive. The ability to perform an accurate Paternity test is predicated upon the availability of the parties involved or how well the sample has been preserved.

The Top 4 Scenarios when alleged fathers or their families perform a paternity test

< Before for the birth of the child: This is performed by using an invasive paternity test during the second trimester (14-20th) week of the pregnancy. The process during this period that can be performed is called an amniocentesis.

There is another process that can also be considered during this time frame. The procedure is called Chorionic Villus Sampling or CVS. The period for this procedure can be performed is between the 10-13th week of pregnancy. These two types of Paternity Test cannot be performed by the lab alone. The mother must consult with her ob-gyn in order to see whether or not these procedures are possible. In the event they are, please contact DTC to for further instructions on handle this type of prenatal paternity test.

< Immediately upon the birth of the child. Normally a day or after the birth at the hospital or a few days or weeks once the child arrives home.

< When a parent learns of about the presence of an adult child. 

< When an alleged father recently dies and a new child makes themselves known to the deceased father’s family. Situations like these normally occur during estate cases.

If anyone of the above situations is similar to your current situation and you considerating performing a DNA Paternity Test. Please contact at 347-735-5490 and allow one of our DNA Testing Experts assist you with your DNA Relationship Testing needs today.