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USCIS Approved DNA Testing Center Services

If your family recently received a Request for Evidence letter (I-130, 1-797) or Passport Agency Request for Evidence letter and you are in need of DNA Testing. Please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts today and allow us to help you get started today. Call 646-383-9778 for appointments.

DNA Testing for an Immigrant Visa is a process where Immigration mails out a letter to families requesting evidence of biological proof of relationship when immigration deems the submitted documentation from your family insufficient. Normally, the document is either I-130 or I-797 office actions letter from USCIS. When an embassy or passport agency request’s your family to perform a DNA Test. The letter will be sent to your family on embassy or passport letterhead.  

Is providing biological proof of relationship to Immigration mandatory?

Currently, No. At this point in time, there are laws currently waiting to be passed that will make DNA Testing a mandatory process here in the U.S.This law will most likely affect families that are required to provide proof of relationship to USCIS and Passport Agency.

What we are uncertain is, if the law will affect U.S. Embassy in your country process when it comes to the DNA Testing process. If your family recently received a letter from Immigration and you require a DNA Test. Please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts to help coordinate your family’s appointment today at 646-383-9778.


All DNA Paternity Tests are performed by an AABB Parentage Laboratory and are recognized by the New York State Department of Health.


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