biological father versus legal father

For many alleged fathers and their families who support them through Child Support scenarios know very well it can be a very frustrating process. One part of the process that can be frustrating is the DNA Testing portion.

Many times a Judge may order A DNA Paternity Test help confirm Paternity before settling on the terms of the Child Support case. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding Child Support is, how long does DNA Testing process take?

There are only two options for alleged fathers for Child Support DNA Testing.

Option 1. Allow family court system to utilize a contracted DNA Testing Lab perform your DNA Test.
Option 2. Perform your DNA Test privately.

What are the differences between the two options?

Family Court DNA Paternity Tests have an average turnaround time of 4-8 weeks. Also, many Family Court contracted DNA labs do not utilize as many markers to determine Paternity as does private DNA Testing labs do. DNA Testing Labs that offer fewer markers to the Family Court System and the public do so because they deem it more cost effective. Family Court Paternity Tests average $175.00 and under for an alleged father and child. Please note, the cheaper price and fewer markers are not as accurate in determining Paternity as DNA Testing companies who perform DNA Testing on 18 markers and above.

Utilizing a court appointed DNA Testing Company is normally not an option. From our experience and research. Alleged fathers who use a court appointed DNA Testing companies to do so because they may not be able to afford to pay for a DNA Test privately. Once the Judge is notified of the alleged father’s financial limitations he will order the alleged father to perform a DNA Paternity Test at a lower cost with Family Court.

Private DNA Paternity Tests performed by DTC for Family Court for an alleged father and child cost $395.00. The turnaround time for results is 2-3 business days from the date in which the labs receives all samples.

The parties involved will be notified when the results are completed by phone or email. A copy of the result will also be sent to all parties involved.

If you would like to perform a Legal DNA Paternity Testing privately for Family Court please contact our office today at 347-735-5490 for questions and appointment scheduling.




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