How long does USCIS Take To Respond to RFE?

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How long does USCIS Take To Respond to RFE?

USCIS response times to an office action such as a Request for Evidence (I-797 or I-130) will vary. From our experience dealing with clients who were given the option to submit DNA testing evidence to USCIS. USCIS’ response had an average turnaround time of 30-60 days. Sometimes the response can be longer.

It is important to note that USCIS does not have a known time frame for responding back to petitioners. What we have recommended our clients do is to allow USCIS at least 30 days to process your response. After 30 days reach out to USCIS to inquire about the status of your case.  

What happens after an RFE response is submitted?

After the RFE response is submitted, the adjudicating officer of the case reviews the additional evidence and response submitted. This simply means that your petition is still being evaluated. This instance may include investigation of answers and documents provided in response to the Request for Evidence (RFE).

Finally, it is not unusual that the re-evaluation of a case like this may take in what may appear to be exceedingly long time. USCIS will ordinarily approve within 6-7 months of submitting an RFE response. There is a belief that appears that USCIS Officer assigned to your case may not be happy with your response so they could be investigating, or they may issue another RFE or a Notice of Intention to Deny. Less likely, but possible is a straight denial or straight approval.  It would probably be in your best interest to hire an attorney if you do not currently have one to help you with contacting USCIS and inquiring about RFE submission.

Do you or someone you know, receive an I-130. I-797 RFE or from Passport Agency letter giving your family an option to perform DNA Testing? If yes! Learn more about getting started with Immigration DNA Testing here.

What is the procedure for Immigration DNA Testing? 

Below is our simple outline to get started with the Immigration DNA Testing process for Immigration.

  1. Please make sure you received your Request for Evidence (RFE) I-787, I-130 or requests to submit evidence letter from an Embassy or Passport Agency.

  2. Contact our office at (646) 902-1497 and allow one of our DNA Testing Consultants to coordinate your appointment.

  3. Make sure you have the Names and state ID’s of the child(ren) and adult(s) involved in the test.

  4. Current contact information for all involved parties for domestic and abroad
  5. A return address or email address for the results

  6. A valid credit card for payment

     7. State or government ID (to be provided at the time of DNA sample collection)


What is Immigration DNA Testing?

A DNA Test for Immigration purposes is a DNA Test that helps determine a biological relationship between parents and children or sibling and sibling.

What is the price for an Immigration DNA Test?

The price for a DNA Test varies depending a couple of factors. If all parties are located in the U.S. then pricing starts at $425.00Please note: A $25 per person sample collection fee may be applied. 

The second factor is if one or all parties live in their country of origin abroad. The pricing starts at $595.00 for 2ppl. Please note: families who live abroad will have to pay a mandatory DNA Sample Collection Fee which varies from country to country. To learn more about this process please call our office today at (646) 902-1497 for more details.

How Long will take for me to receive DNA Test result?

The average turnaround time for your family’s result will be determined on the location of all the parties involved with the DNA Test. If all parties reside in the U.S. The average turnaround time for your result will be 2-3 business days from the date the laboratory receives all your family’s samples.

Families who have one or all of their family members living in their country of origin. The average turnaround time of this type DNA Testing case will be 6-8 weeks sometimes longer. Please keep in mind that all U.S. Embassies are in control of DNA sample collection appointment scheduling in your country. Immigration mandates that no DNA Testing lab will have jurisdiction to coordinate DNA sample collections abroad. 

Accuracy of DNA Testing

DNA testing reliability has advanced to the industry-accepted standard of 99.5 percent. The accuracy of a DNA test conducted with a cheek swab is equivalent to a test conducted using a blood test. Consular officers may only accept test results reporting a 99.5 percent or greater degree of certainty with respect to paternity/maternity as sufficient to support a biological relationship between a parent and child in visa cases.

How long does it take to get interview date after the DNA test?

Upon completion of your DNA Test result. A copy of your result will be mailed out to the requesting USCIS Service Center or U.S. Embassy. When the Immigration office receives your family’s result, it will take several weeks to be processed before an Immigration Official contacts your family with their conclusion response to your case. The average turnaround time according to many of our clients is 60 days, sometimes longer. 

It important to keep in mind that DNA Testing companies handling these types of cases do not work for any Immigration Agency. Therefore, DNA Testing companies can not directly outline what or how an Immigration Officer may handle your case. 


All DNA Tests are performed by an AABB Accredited Laboratory and the New York State Dept. of Health (NYSDOH)



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