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What is a Paternity DNA Test?

A Paternity DNA Test is a DNA test that determines the biological relationship between an alleged father and child.

Paternity Test Options:

Legal DNA Paternity Test

A Legal Paternity DNA test is a DNA Test  to determine a biological father and child.  This type of DNA Test can be utilized for  Family court, estate battles, adoption, or birth certificate name changes etc.

How long does Paternity DNA Test result take?  
Results are completed within 2-3 business days from the date in which our lab receives all parties samples.


At- Home DNA Paternity Test (Personal)

An At-Home Paternity DNA Test is a paternity test that allows you to collect your samples in the comfort of your home or, you can have one our DNA sample collectors come our to your home, office or anywhere you deem private to collect your family’s samples. Please note, there are no additional costs for Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, NY residents. All other New York areas may require additional fees. Please contact our office today at 646-383-9778 and allow one of our DNA Testing Experts to help you with your DNA testing needs today.

Please note: This DNA test cannot be utilized for legal purposes.

How long DNA Test results take?  
Results are completed within 2-3 business days from the date in which our lab receives all parties samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Paternity Test cost? 

The starting price for a paternity test starts at $199.00.

How accurate are Paternity Tests? 

There are two forms of paternity testing results – the exclusion and the inclusion.

DNA Test Exclusion: When a DNA Paternity Test is completed and the result shows an alleged father is not the biological father of a child. This is what is known as an exclusion. This is considered to 100% accurate.

DNA Test Inclusion: Is the opposite of a DNA exclusion. An inclusion is when an alleged father is deemed the biological father of a child.A percentage 99%  and higher is deemed admissible by most states here in the United States.

Families that utilize our service can rest assured that all DNA exclusions are tested 2x for accuracy. All DNA test are tested on 18 genetic markers(loci). The tested markers are above the industry standard of 13 genetic markers. What this basically means is, we will your family with the most accurate and affordable DNA testing service in New York State.

What will I need to bring my DNA sample collection appointment?
If you are performing a legal paternity test then you are required to have a state-licensed identification (i.e Drivers License or Passport). It also important to note, that is performing a legal, personal or At-Home Paternity Test you will be required to acquire a doctor’s prescription/referral.
Please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts to learn more about acquiring a doctor’s prescription. Our contact number is 646-383-9778
How long will it take for me to get my results?
The average turnaround time for results is 2-3 business days from the day all samples arrive at the laboratory.
How will I receive my results?
Results sent out to our clients one of three ways.
1. By physical mail (USPS)
2. By email
3. Or, you can stop by our office to pick up your results.
What is an Acknowledgment of Paternity?
An Acknowledgment of Paternity is a document that is signed by unmarried parents to establish the child’s legal father. Both parents must voluntarily sign.
Who can sign it?
Before signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity, you may wish to speak to a lawyer. You have a right to seek legal representation and supportive services, including counseling, to help you decide whether to sign the Acknowledgment of Paternity.
You CANNOT sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity if:
• The mother was married at any time during the pregnancy or when the child was born;
• The mother is unmarried but more than one man could be the child’s father; or
• The child has not been born.
DO NOT sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity if, after reading this written notice and receiving oral notice, you have any doubts about the child’s paternity.
What effect does signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity have?
An Acknowledgment of Paternity that has been voluntarily signed by both parents has the same legal force and effect as a court order determining the child’s legal father and establishes the duty of both parents to provide support for the child.
This means that if the Acknowledgment of Paternity is not challenged, you do not have to go to a court or administrative proceeding to determine or confirm the child’s father.
When a man signs an Acknowledgment of Paternity:
• He gives up his right to a court hearing to determine if he is the child’s father;
• He may establish custody and visitation rights;
• He may be required to give his consent before the child can be placed for adoption;
• It establishes the child’s right to inherit from the father if the Acknowledgment of Paternity is filed with the registrar in the district where the birth certificate was filed; and
• It may establish the child’s right to inherit from the father if the Acknowledgment of Paternity is only filed with the Putative Father Registry.
The child may have the last name of either parent. The child’s name will not affect the child’s legal status.
To learn more about the paternity acknowledgment read the original source here.

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Video Transcript

you are now about to learn everything you need to know today about the DNA paternity testing process hello my name is Garth Harvey and I’m the DNA testing specialist with the DNA testing center and I just wanted to take a few moments today just to briefly explain how to collect a DNA sample for yourself when you receive a DNA paternity testing home kit it’s quite simple process I just wanted to take a few moments since we get asked this question a whole lot so I wanted to address it a little bit today and pretty much it’s extremely simple once you receive your DNA paternity testing kit inside of it you will have two packets that look and resemble the ones that I have in my hand which are cotton swabs these packets here inside of them that you’ll have two cotton swabs inside now I’m just going to take a few moments open this here now as I stated inside you have two cotton swabs you want to take one cotton swab and proceed to swab inside of your cheek and your gum actually between your cheek and your gum we find as opposed to just scraping in between or on your cheek it’s alone there’s a less probability that you won’t get enough genetic material when you swab in between your cheek and your gum as opposed to just your cheek so we suggest that when you’re collecting your own sample you want to take the cotton swab and place it in between your cheek and your gum and rotate so I’m going to show you exactly how this is done as you notice I kept my free hand on the outside of where I was swabbing on my cheek and this we find is a little bit better we haven’t had as many issues nowhere near as many issues at all in terms of getting a low frequency of genetic material when we swab it that way and then we do it for 30 seconds just to make sure doing it any less amount of time it works fine many other institutions actually do it that way but we at IDT oh we we like to make sure that we have the fives frequency of genetic material this way we’re not asking you to submit another DNA sample now once you’re done with collecting the swab on one side you want to do the same thing on the other side then you’re going to take each cotton swab and you’re going to place it in the envelope it actually comes in and then you’ll place it in the envelope seal the envelope and then place it in the return shipping that you receive from our facility there you have it pretty simple if you have any other questions in regards to the DNA paternity testing process please don’t hesitate to give us a call you can see the number right here at 8 7 7 6 8 0 5800 and subscribe to this channel we will be producing more videos in regards to DNA paternity testing specific situations to DNA paternity testing scenarios we will be discussing what are the most likely scenarios one can use a paternity test outside of the normal child custody so we will be addressing some of those issues but if you have anything that you would like us to talk about here at IDT Oh what you can actually do is a leave a comment below and we will address any questions concerns in regards to the DNA paternity testing process and just so you know we have a turnaround time wants you all of your samples or all of your samples are submitted we have a turn downtime of about two to three business days from in which our laboratory receives all samples so again I want to thank you for taking a few moments out of your busy day to converse with us and once again my name is Gareth Harvey I am the DNA testing specialist with the DNA testing center here at IDT oh thank you