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A presumed father is a person whom the law supposes, until there is tangible evidence to the contrary, to be the bona fide father of the child in question. A presumed father may, or may not be, the real father of the child. He may be the person who was married to the child’s mother at the time of its conception or birth, the person who voluntarily consented to be the father of his wife’s child, or has acted or behaved in a manner likely to suggest that the child in question was his very own.

Several states across the United States have laws that create a rebuttable presumption that should a married woman conceive and give birth, then her husband will be automatically presumed to be the biological father of the child unless credible evidence to the contrary is presented before a court of law.

Those laws further extend similar presumptions to circumstances in which a father voluntarily allows his name to be placed on a child’s birth certificate. In either case, those presumptions shall only remain in force until they are successfully rebutted or disputed by an interested party in a formal legal proceeding.

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