Recently, many families have received a letter from the U.S. Passport Agency requesting the passport applicant to prove a familial relationship DNA Test. Testing is normally performed with a mother and child or, father and child. If you are currently experiencing this situation. Please allow DNA Tests NYC the opportunity to assist you with your DNA relationship testing needs.

Things you need to get started:

  1. The client must have a letter from the Passport Agency on a Passport Agency letterhead. Families who need a DNA Test and did not receive a Passport Agency’s letter requesting DNA Testing please contact our office immediately at 646-383-9778 for details on how we can assist you on how to handle this specific situation.
  2. Call  646-383-9778  and allow one of the DNA Tests NYC  Specialist to help you coordinate your DNA sample collection appointment date and time.
  3. Once your appointment is scheduled and your samples collected. All samples will be shipped to the lab and analyzed.
  4. Results will be completed in 2-3 business days from the date in which the lab receives all samples.
  5. Upon the completion of your results,  DNA Tests NYC  will notify you on the completion of your DNA test result. A copy of the result will also be sent to your home and. A copy will also be sent to the requesting U.S. Passport Agency.

What To Expect From Our Service

  • Fast, Accurate and Affordable DNA results in 2-3 business days
  • DNA Sample Collection Technicians with 16  years of experience
  • Reliable, Knowledgeable and Professional Consultants
  • Easy Appointment set-up
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Facilities that we partner with are accredited by AABB to conduct legal, chain of custody testing.
  • Results are recognized by USCIS, Embassies, Passport Agencies and Family Courts

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