Paternity Fraud: Top 3 Reasons Why Some Mother’s May Lie.

Have you ever been accused of being the biological father of a child and later you found out you were not? Or, do you know someone (friend or family) that has gone through this experience? If you answered yes to these questions. I am sure you probably wondered why would any woman do this to the alleged father. In this post, we will list the explanation given by women we have encountered over the years performing a DNA Test.

Below is a list of reasons some women have given to why they knowingly made her decision to commit Paternity Fraud. The list is not in any particular order of frequency.

  1. Financial stability – The biological father was considered to be an irresponsible person.
  2. Alleged Father was easier to communicate with.
  3. Fear of ruining her relationship

If you or someone you know are uncertain of being the biological father of a child and would like to gain more clarity about your genetic relationship to the child. If should have any questions about Paternity Fraud as it pertains to your situation. Please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts today at 646-383-9778.

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