Are Home DNA Tests Accurate?

One of the biggest concerns that customers may have when considering whether or not to purchase a home paternity test is if results will be accurate – an understandable worry since results often have long-term consequences and can even determine the very future of a family.

Yes! Home DNA tests are accurate but there are various elements that can influence the dependability of a home paternity test. To begin with, the capabilities and unwavering quality of the lab testing process. An unfortunate reality about home paternity tests is that there are no administrative or certifying organizations to oversee home DNA testing protocols. Many of these research centers are oversees and don’t conform to any industry norms for quality control. Our partner laboratory has various accreditations that ensure that all genetic samples are performed at the highest industry standard quality. One the most prominent accreditation our partner lab has acquired is AABB. Having this AABB accreditation ensure the laboratory’s protocols meet the industry’s highest standards and it also ensures all legal chain of custody testing will be recognized by USCIS, U.S Embassies and Family Courts worldwide.

Second, home a person handles their samples may effect the quality of the samples which may lead to contamination.

Third, being that Home DNA Tests are collected in-home by the purchaser pf the DNA the accuracy of the results will upon you the collector. This is especially true when two or more parties are involved with the DNA test and reside in different cities, states or countries. 

The most important component to increasing the accuracy of your Home DNA testing results is to follow the step by step instructions that will accompany your Home DNA paternity test kit.