USCIS Immigration DNA Testing NYC services for evidence submission to immigration

DNA Tests NYC provides Immigration DNA Testing and DNA sample collection services to immigrant families who would like to submit secondary evidence to USCIS, Passport Agency, or a US Embassy. Please note, All DNA tests are performed with a partner AABB accredited DNA parentage laboratory. Our goal is to provide immigrant families with the latest information regarding the immigration testing process.

Is Immigration DNA Testing mandatory?

If you received a Request For Evidence letter from USCIS or from the U.S Embassy’s Consular Section from your home country. It should be noted that DNA Testing is an option provided by USCIS or Consulate and is not considered to be a mandatory option.

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Biological Relationship Testing For Immigration Purposes

When you receive a Request For Evidence letter from USCIS or an Embassy the may provide your family to utilize DNA testing as an option to submit additional evidence when your lacking sufficient evidence to prove a biological relationship. Some of the biological relationship immigration may require your family to prove the petitioner’s biological relationship to the beneficiary. Here are the most common DNA testing relationship options an immigration officer may provide your family.

1. Paternity Testing – This test helps to determine if an alleged father is a biological father of a child
2. Maternity Testing – This test helps to determine if a mother is biologically related to a child
3. Sibling DNA Testing – This test helps to determine if two siblings share a common parent or both parents.

The above-mentioned testing options are the most common tests performed and used to submit evidence that immigration will request.