DNA Testing In Nigeria For Immigration Purposes

Are you petitioning for a child, parent or sibling and immigration (Embassy or USCIS) provided your family with an option to perform a DNA test to submit as evidence? If you answered yes. The information in this post will pertain to your family’s current situation and how to best proceed.

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Getting Started:

In order to utilize a DNA test result for the purposes of submitting evidence to the Embassy in Nigeria or to USCIS service center in the United States. The first step for your family would be to receive some sort of office action request for evidence letter from USCIS like the I-130 or letter from a U.S. Embassy official in Lagos, Nigeria that specifically requests additional evidence be submitted and DNA testing is mentioned as one of the accepted options that can be used as evidence.

Assuming your family has received the above-described request for evidence letter from an immigration office. The next step would be to contact IDTO and allow one of our experienced consultants the opportunity to coordinate a DNA sample collection appointment for the petitioner in the U.S. Please note beneficiaries that are currently residing in Nigeria will have their samples collected by the Embassy in Lagos and not by the lab. Therefore the Embassy will be responsible for supplying your family member (beneficiary) of their DNA sample collection appointment date and time.

After the petitioner’s samples are collected they will be sent directly to the laboratory. Once the Embassy in Nigeria coordinates the sample collection appointment for the beneficiary. The sample will also be shipped directly to the lab to be tested and analyzed.

When all the samples arrive at the lab. The turnaround time for the completion of your result will be 2 to 3 business days from the receipt of all samples by the lab. All DNA samples are tested by facilities we partner with which are accredited by the AABB to conduct Immigration and legal chain of custody testing.

 Upon completion of your genetic test. One of DNA testing consultants will contact the petitioner for an updated on the status of your DNA test result. A copy of your result will be shipped to the requesting immigration office either USCIS or to the U.S. Embassy. And a copy of the result will be sent to your home.

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