How Long Does USCIS Take To Respond
To RFE After A DNA Test?

USCIS response times to an office action such as a Request for Evidence (I-797 or I-130) will vary. From our experience dealing with clients who were given the option to submit DNA testing evidence to USCIS. USCIS’ response had an average turnaround time between 30-90 days. Sometimes the response times can be longer.

It is important to note that USCIS does not have a known time frame for responding back to petitioners. What we have recommended our clients to allow USCIS at least 30 days to process your response. After the 30 day mark, Reach out to USCIS to inquire about the status of your case.

What happens after an RFE DNA test result response is submitted?

After the RFE response is submitted, the adjudicating officer of the case reviews the additional evidence and response submitted. This simply means that your petition is still being evaluated. This instance may include investigation of answers and documents provided in response to the Request for Evidence (RFE).

Finally, it is not unusual that the re-evaluation of a case like this may take in what may appear to be exceedingly long time. USCIS will ordinarily approve within 6-7 months of submitting an RFE response. There is a belief that appears that USCIS Officer assigned to your case may not be happy with your response so they could be investigating, or they may issue another RFE or a Notice of Intention to Deny. Less likely, but possible is a straight denial or straight approval.  It would probably be in your best interest to hire an attorney if you do not currently have one to help you with contacting USCIS and inquiring about RFE submission.

Do you or someone you know, receive an I-130. I-797 RFE or from Passport Agency letter giving your family an option to perform DNA Testing? If yes! Learn more about getting started with Immigration DNA Testing here.