How soon can you DNA test a baby after birth?

How soon can you get a DNA test after the baby is born?

One of the biggest misconceptions is, that you have to wait months after the birth of a child to collect their sample. Collecting a sample of a newborn can be performed as early as a couple days after the birth. The sample can be collected in the hospital by a DNA sample collector or you can wait until your ready to bring the child home.

If you opt to have the child’s sample collected at the hospital. Please make sure you inform the head nurse that you would like to have a DNA Sample Collector collect your child’s DNA sample. It is important that you explain the method of collection (buccal swab) would be the safest and most effective way to have the child’s sample collected.

If not, hospital officials may halt the DNA collection if they are not made aware of the paternity test taking place on their grounds.

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Pros and cons of DNA Testing after birth.

Quite honestly, we do not believe there are any cons to performing a Paternity Test after birth. Below we list the most important pros on why you should consider waiting for your child to be born.

  1. The DNA test result can be utilized for legal purposes. As it currently stands there has been no precedent set where a court has allowed a prenatal paternity test result to be used to determine paternity in court.
  1. Cost of a paternity test is substantially cheaper after the child is born than before the child is born. Prices range anywhere from $900 to $2000. It is important that you think about performing prenatal paternity thoroughly before you choose this option.

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