How Does An At Home Paternity Test Work IN NY?

Can I perform an At-Home Paternity Test in New York State?

Unfortunately, New York State does not allow At-Home DNA tests to be performed for NYS residents. Therefore if you need a DNA paternity test to be performed it must be performed as a legal DNA test regardless of your reason (personal or legal) to perform the paternity test.

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Paternity Testing in NYC: How to get started?

Getting started is simple. The first thing you must know about DNA testing in NYC is, you are required to acquire one of three instruments in order to perform a DNA paternity test

1. A court order from a judge/

2. A prescription referral from a New York State licensed Doctor

3. Or a letter from an NYS licensed Attorney.

Please note, only labs that are accredited by the New York State can perform DNA testing services. In addition to the NYS accreditation. In order for a DNA test to be considered legal. The testing laboratory must hold an AABB Accreditation in order for your test results to be recognized by Family Court Judges, Social Security and Immigration offices, etc.

How long will it take for me to receive my paternity test results?

The average turnaround time for you to receive the results from your paternity test is 2 to 3 business days from the date on which the laboratory receives all genetic samples. 

How will my DNA sample be collected?

The method of DNA  sample collection is performed by using a sterilized cotton buccal swab. The swab is placed inside of the mouth and brushed against the cheek in an up and down or circular fashion. Blood samples are also a viable option. 

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