birth certificate

Does a father have rights if not on birth certificate?

When an unmarried alleged father’s name is not on a child’s birth certificate he will not legally have any legal rights to his child.

Paternity gives certain rights and responsibilities to the father. If you are married your husband can be listed as a parent with regards to medical decisions, education of children, etc., but if paternity has been determined it must come through court order unless otherwise stated in law or contract between both parents (e-g; they entered into some form agreement).

Establishing the paternity of a child gives the child certain rights. The rights a child is entitled to are child support, inheritance, medical insurance, and Social Security benefits. A child or children has the right to share in wrongful death claims for their father.

Can a paternity test help establish the paternity of a child?

Yes. A paternity test is necessary when a father wants to add his name to his child’s birth certificate. See how to schedule a paternity test with DNA Tests NYC here.