Can i submit a dna test without uscis rfe

Can I submit a DNA Test result without a USCIS RFE?

The answer to this question is No. USCIS has a specific protocol in place which all accredited DNA testing labs must adhere in order for immigration to accept a DNA Test result as evidence.

Failure to comply with USCIS’ process for the submission of evidence. Your result may not be accepted and you run the risk of having to possibly perform another DNA Test again or, worst-case scenario your case may be denied and you will be forced to start from the beginning.

Is there anything I can do expedite the Request for Evidence submission process?

What AIDC suggests families do is, wait until you receive the Request for Evidence paperwork. This way, when you reach out to a DNA Testing company like AIDC to perform your family’s DNA Test. The RFE paperwork will be in your possession and receipt of this document is the first step toward staying compliant with USCIS’ guidelines for DNA Test result submission as evidence.  
To learn more about USCIS DNA Testing process please contact our office for your free phone consultation and allow one of Immigration DNA Testing Experts the opportunity to assist you today. Our contact number is 877-680-5800.

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hi this is Shah prolly from more shallow bad speaking to you from new york california and sunny and windy conformance day and the question in our series attorney immigration attorney answers series number number three response this is another question we got from our website from our forum which is sp 0 4 the link is below you can check the question and the question is from danilo which basically Oscar I feet on parents petition asking for DNA test very famous what DNA tests are forced many people ask for that is a family no question i mean family immigration question and something very interesting is DNA test again it tests have proven to be one of the final actually the final frontier speaking in terms of size five times but and it’s a final way to basically proved relationship between approve a person and their child and things like that so is it something common well eat it is not coming on every case they don’t ask for it sometimes that the USCIS for the State Department we requested all you can propose it in case they’re not believing your relationship however if your packages well-prepared it’s always you can avoid this this is a question from download our free and salt on sun sponsoring parents do to name’s David on the birth certificate are only a instead the only state the boy they’re asking for DNA tests and other secondary evidence including school records and other means to show relationship with appearance certified affidavit from friends etc is this normal what is normal because if you you need to prove your relationship with the oh you’re you’re mother father even brother’s arm and one of the ways to do that if you don’t have direct every densities to go to what we call other evidence a secondary against for example pictures for example you can have school records raishin cars in india you need anything that shows relationship is good however there’s always the the a problem down the road where they don’t believe any others so this is where the DNA test becomes the ultimate goal and you can request it or they can requested and very quested and you don’t do it you have a right to refuse it and certain condition for example and religious conditions and things like that but is very very hard you have to prove that your religion basically doesn’t allow that and things like that or for other reasons but if you’re doing that then they’re easy suspicion of course that the relationship is not gonna find that means you don’t have a good relationship that’s not a relationship parent to child always fake application so it is not uncommon but it’s not very common but it is something that is being used extensively nowadays so be ready for that and again when i’m telling you today’s for educational purposes only should not actually afraid to act solely on the information provided call an attorney or call us at the office i will offer from has been practicing ammunition low for a long time now and we have been very successful check our success stories we are rated among the top on Ava dot-com with a 10-point oh so check us out on purity law com and post your questions I’d be glad to answer them myself Hassan my partner will be answering them on the other videos thank you very much to the next video I think goodbye this is sharp rally attorney-at-law signing off from New York California